Spring in Deer Park Wood

After a prolonged wet period, the wood is now drying quickly in the sunshine and breezes. The paths are comfortably walkable, apart from some sections on the east side.

Sunlight through the trees

Our resident Muntjac deer seem to be partial to the bluebells we planted last year. (They don’t seem attracted to the snowdrops we planted this year, and we hope that they will make a good display in 2021.)

Bluebells nibbled by deer

But we have some butterflies!

Peacock butterfly
Comma butterfly
Orange tip butterfly

The hazels are just coming into leaf:


…and there are stirrings in the orchard section:

Cherry blossom

…and some flowers appearing:


…but we must not forget the cycle of growth and decay which underpins all this: all plants and animals eventually die, and pass on their nutrients to another generation of living things…

Rabbit skull on decaying plants