Stakeout in the wood…

The stake on one of the trees to the north of the orchard area has failed, and the tree has developed quite a lean in the prevailing southerly wind.

One stake fixed into the ground

Two stakes were sledgehammered into the ground either side of the tree, which was then hauled into a more upright position.

Two stakes in place, with strong rubber fixing.

The tree was then held in place while strong synthetic rubber (EDPM roofing membrane) was lashed in place. We hope that this will stabilise the tree, and we will keep an eye on it in case it needs further help. In time, we hope that the root structure will be strong enough to support the tree in the face of the prevailing southerly winds, and the support can be removed and re-used.

Orchard blossom

Each day, leaves and blossom are bursting forth, and the wood has certainly lost its winter appearance – the paths, although rutted in places where the deep mud was trodden, are dry and walkable.

The wood has become much more popular in recent weeks as more people are discovering parts of Witney they didn’t know about! This is at least one good thing to result from household isolation: more people take advantage of their allotted outdoor exercise to be out and about.

Can you find them all?

It’s heartening that creative people are contributing to the wood: we don’t know who has been doing this, but thanks anyway!

(We encourage you to be aware of the risk of touching any object outside your household…it might be best to make sure that you wipe these down thoroughly with e.g. meths, then wash your hands, before regarding them as safe.)

We would like to hear from people who are putting effort into projects in the wood – you can use the contact form on our website – here – or email here.