Deer Park Wood - September 10th and 11th, 2018

Our big summer project:  during the bad winter and spring, the north entrance became saturated and very muddy.  The soil is heavy clay, and we have always had problems in this part of the wood.  The video below shows the severity of this issue very well.
Several years ago, we reinforced a section of the entrance, and this year we decided to extend the path.  One problem we have is that the area around the notice boards is at a lower level, so we decided that the only way forward was to create what are essentially causeways at a higher level than the existing surface.
We were fortunate that our founder, Juliet Curry, ensured that a grant was offered from the Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment.  We are also grateful to Stewart Milne Timber Systems for support.
A total of 35 tons of crushed stone (a base and a topping layer) was laid onto a geotextile membrane to create three paths radiating from the noticeboard area.  The paths (S, E and W) have been established by users – and we took the view that these routes were the best place to lay the amount of stone that we could afford.
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The work team on the preparation and marking out day - September 3rd

An archive image of the entrance in spring 2018 - the area was completely waterlogged, and we cut new temporary east and west access paths to avoid this central area

...and a good illustration of the problem:  a video of Parkrun on March 10th 2018, with runners struggling through the quagmire, is here

Fortunately, we had dry conditions for the preparations on September 3rd: