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Deer Park Wood is, by far, the project into which we invest the most time, and the most money from our fundraising. We believe that our management of the developing woodland will create a space for future generations to enjoy – it will be a lasting legacy for the town.

In and around Witney, the work we do clearing and beautifying is for today – we can get a real sense of achievement from making an immediate difference. During a typical year our contribution is in excess of 1,000 person-hours.

The locations include the Witan Way footpaths, Newland Mill paths, Cogges Estate, West End Meadow, Witney Hospital path, The Leys, Burford Road path, Witan Way & Witney Hospital footpaths, Loom Lane and Bathing Place, Foxburrow Wood and Marriots Close.

Ancient Tree Survey

WWV contributed to a regional Ancient Tree Survey, and over 150 ancient trees were surveyed in and around Witney. We produced a guide (pdf) which can be downloaded here.

Planting around Witney

Notable areas that have been planted include the substation triangle along Witan Way (opposite Waitrose car park), the wooded area behind the ‘wiggly bench’ on Witan Way footpath, and the banks of the Mill Stream.

A hawthorn hedge was planted on West End Meadow and, over two winters, 150 trees were planted on ‘The Mounds’ at Thorney Leys. In February 2017 we coppiced the trees we had planted 10 years earlier:

Landscape management

We have coppiced the mature hazel and dogwood along Witan Way footpath, raised funds for the pollarding of some of the willows in Grimes Meadow on Langel Common, and cleared areas of overgrown woodland and moat at Cogges Manor Farm.

Thorney Leys

We also raised funds to plant 3,000 daffodils and anemone bulbs along the grassy bank shielding the Thorney Leys estate from the A40, and expect that other approach roads into Witney will benefit from a flower carpet planted in successive winters.


..and after

A page of “Before and After” clearing paths is here

A reflection on the (to us well known) topic of litter is here

…and our long-term woodland project…

Since 2010, the once-neglected 11 acres of Deer Park Wood (a buffer zone between an industrial area and a housing estate) has been managed by us under licence from WODC.

So far, 400 trees, 200 hedgerow shrubs and 4 wildflower beds have been planted. We have installed 2 information boards, 4 oak benches, 2 dog bins (courtesy of WODC), a log seating arrangement for local school use (which doubles as a picnic area), 2 mounds with butterfly-friendly planting, and established a woodland walk path around the entire site.

The 50% of the site area not planted with trees is mown late in the year, which has supported the development of a range of meadow species. Biodiversity has improved, and we continue to develop new approaches, such as establishing a FoE ‘Bee World’.

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