Programme Activity Liaison: Juliet Curry

Monday 30th at 10 am: Deer Park Wood and the Burford Road.
There will be plenty to finish off at DPW after a wet spring.
Now that the landowner has cut back the hedgerow on the North side of the Burford Road from Tower Hill to Deer Park Road, we can reach the rubbish that was hiding there. We can also reach the 4 iconic ash trees in the hedge, and cut the ivy off, to give them more light and water. You can volunteer for these different jobs once you arrive at the North entrance of DPW, by the Interpretation Board.
Please wear wellies, as it has been so wet, and gloves. Bring shears, loppers, secateurs, sharp knives and saws. Those volunteering for ivy cutting could do with protective eyewear to prevent being poked in the eye.
We will provide litter pickers and rubbish bags.
Activity Leaders: DC and JC

Monday 7th May: May Day Bank Holiday

Monday 14th May at 10am: Leaflet drop to residents of Deer Park Estate, regarding our Nature Survey Day at Deer Park Wood on Saturday 2nd June.
There are about 1,200 houses on the Estate to cover. We will need comfortable shoes and a plastic 12” ruler, which prevents losing chunks of our fingers on rough letter box edges, sticking-out nails, and lurking dogs, and is much quicker when forcing leaflets through brush draught preventers.
We will split into two groups: Members’ surnames A – H will meet up on the corner of Valence Crescent, opposite the Northern entrance to DPW. Surnames J – Z will meet up on the corner of Ralegh Crescent, the first turning on the left past Range Road. Leaflets advertising the Day will be issued in a batch. Please bring a bag to carry them in. You will be given the names of the roads you are to cover, and will work in pairs, leapfrogging each other down all the twisting roads and cul de sacs, so we don’t overlap, but have some company, and tick off each road as it is done. Please bring a pencil/pen.
When we have finished the leaflet drop, please meet up by the traffic lights on Deer Park Road/Range Road, to check we have covered everything.
Activity Leaders: J.C. and R.H.

Monday 21st May at 10 am: Newland Mill footpath crossing Newland Mill itself, one branch leading to Langel Common, and one to Newland. The cow parsley is past its best, but the nettles and brambles are getting high, the hedges are thick and there may be overhanging branches to be cut. The nettles need cutting alongside the Langel Common footpath as well. Please wear stout boots and gloves, and bring secateurs, loppers, shears and saws, plus some brooms and spades to clear the path. There will be a little litter picking to do as well, so we will provide litter pickers and plastic bags. Please meet on site in Newland Mill, where you can park.
Activity Leader: L.F.

Saturday 26th May from 10am: The Young Farmers County Show at Ducklington. We are having a stand at this show. You would be most welcome to volunteer to help on the stall, or just to attend the Show. There were 5,000 visitors last year, so it should be busy and fun.

Monday 28th May Spring Bank holiday

Advance warning about June

Our second Nature Survey Day is at Deer Park Wood on Friday night and Saturday, 1st and 2nd June. We need Volunteers for this please.

Our A.G.M. is on Monday 4th June. It will be held at Madley Park Hall, where you can park near the Tesco store. Please come between 10 and 10.30am, when we will serve coffee.

On 25th June we will be having a lunch picnic at Devil’s Quoits, the Iron Age standing stones at Stanton Harcourt. We will share car lifts. Partners/spouses will be most welcome.