Programme Activity Liaison Officer: Juliet Curry

February 2018


Monday 26th at 10 am: Foxburrow Wood. We will continue with our formative pruning of saplings. You will need very sharp secateurs and loppers, plus a saw. Mallets and sharp knives would be helpful in mending or taking off any damaged or redundant sleeves.
Please wear gloves and stout boots or wellies, with trousers tucked into socks.
Meet at Foxburrow Wood in the car park. From Witney, go down the Hailey Road until the big right hand turn, before the Rugby Club, and take the left hand turn down Foxburrow Lane. The Wood is on the left.
Activity Leader: MK

March 2018

Monday 5th 10 am: Deer Park Wood.
Further sections of woodland have now been thinned by the contractor, giving
us plenty of work to do here before the nesting season begins in earnest. We
shall continue to cut and stack logs and brushwood for habitat piles, as
before. Other tasks include some maintenance of the wire fencing along the
edges of the woods, clearing stumps from the main paths, and fixing up or
replacing some bird-boxes. We will continue taking off the sleeves from the
300 odd hedgerow shrubs we planted 7 years ago and stacking them for
removal to the tip. We will need loppers, shears, saws and sharp knives.
We shall also be carefully monitoring the effects of the ParkRun programme
on Deer Park Wood, which is due to begin early this month. The ground has
been extremely waterlogged recently.

For any activities you will need to wear gloves, plus stout boots or wellies,
Eye goggles are strongly advised when working in the wooded areas, as
some sections are densely vegetated, with springy, thorny branches.
Meet at the North entrance.
Activity Leader: RH

Monday 12th 10 am: Deer Park Wood. As above.
Activity Leader: CL

Monday 19th at 10 am: Deer Park Wood: As above.
If we have time, some of us can carry on with a task left over from last month.
Now that the landowner has cut back the hedgerow on the North side of the
Burford Road from Tower Hill to Deer Park Road, we can more easily reach
any rubbish lurking there. We can also reach the 4 iconic ash trees in the
hedge to cut the ivy off near ground level.
Activity Leader: MK

Monday 26th at 10 am: Loom Lane and West End Meadow. There is quite
a lot of litter strewn all over the paths and wooded areas leading down past
the Springfield Oval (now a building site) to the Old Bathing Place by the river.
Besides clearing this, we can cut back any overgrown vegetation. A separate
team can tackle any litter on West End Meadow, as far as the Crawley Road
junction at the far end.
Activity Leader: LF