Deer Park Wood – Google Earth images

…showing the development of the wood since 2004

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Deer Park Wood 2004

Deer Park Wood 2004

This is the first available image, showing the creation of the wooded ‘mounds’ from the spoil from the creation of the industrial estate. The area to the NW has yet to be planted: the relative age of the trees can be seen when walking though the western mounds.

Deer Park Wood 206

Deer Park Wood 2006

The current buildings in view are now completed, but the area is still unfenced and not developed.

Deer Park Wood 2009

Deer Park Wood 2009

The roads are now complete, but the area is still open. This image was taken in June, and tree blossom can be seen particularly around the NW mound. Quite a lot of growth in three or four years…

Deer Park Wood 2017

Deer Park Wood 2018